Last week in gaming updates

The weeks continue to be busy with work, school, and after-school activities, as is clearly evidenced by my gameplay.

Elder Scrolls Online

I spent most of my gaming time in the Elder Scrolls Online, and most of that was wandering around in High Isle's Galen zone with no real purpose other than exploring, doing zone events, and the odd side quest.  It was mindless fun that was an easy way to wrap up the go-go-go IRL day.

Along the lines of Eveli re-appearing in Deadlands, ESO does a great job of having you cross paths with characters as the story progresses over the years.  This time I got to see my old buddy Razum-dar and we sussed out a pirate haven dressed in disguise.

ESO--for the assorted "offness" of its art style/direction to me--always does an amazing job of setting up beautiful places.

World of Warcraft

In Azeroth, I spent most of my time replicating what I was doing in ESO--logging in and doing nothing in particular.  If I was around for the top of the hour, I'd run a time rift, since those are easy, fun little exercises that have a chance at dropping a mount or an interesting piece of gear for transmog.

I also managed to finish up the trader's tenders for the month of August, so that also reduced the drive for me to log in and play.


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