Add Game Enhancements to TempusGameIt

Happy New Year!

I'm excited to announce the general release of game creation updates supporting the new way we track and match games.

Last year we switched from a more rigid system of executable definitions

to a more flexible system:

This simplified view better accounts for the different ways that games are run and built across platforms (and even in the same platform--I'm looking at you Path of Exile with a different executable for steam versus non-steam). It also helps automatically importing process definitions from certain third parties, as it more closely matches how they are defined there.

The backend and client have been using the new definition for a while now, so there's no major change in the file location or process monitoring.  But the client had lagged behind when adding new titles.  It had a UI that reflected the old structure, and we used the API to transform this data into the new structure.

No more!  The UI has gotten a bit of an update to allow for multiple executable and bundles to be defined.  It has also loosened the requirements on osx of having both a bundle and a process and instead now just support a generalized "bundle" concept.

The New View

Here's what adding a new executable or bundle looks like for an existing game with many items already defined:

At the top next to the box art is the name of the file that we're setting up as one of the game files.  Below it is the list of all current detectable files, including their platform.

The toggle on the right side of the new file allows you to toggle to more detailed information for file and process matching:

On osx, this will drill down into the app bundle and match against the running process.  In a lot of cases, this isn't necessary.  It only shows up in a few places.

On windows, we go up a folder level, to help us disambiguate files that share a name across games (like client.exe or gameclient.exe).  Having a parent directory often helps reduce mismatches on these common names.

Once the game is updated, the remote catalog is updated as well.  Then a refresh is made, and a scan is performed, and you should now see the new game running!

Here's the whole process in action with bonus detailed runtime information.

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

You can try this out by downloading the app and creating an account at TempusGameIt


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