Star Trek Podcasts I really like

I've been a Star Trek fan from way back when, watching the original series in syndication in 80's as a little kid, and through the launches of all the other Trek series since TNG back in the day.  

I'm a big podcast fan too and find a nice pairing of Trek/Pods works really well.  Here are some the most noteworthy ones for me.

Random Trek

A fun review of old trek shows, hosted by Scott McNulty.  It is an easy listen, there's a good variety in the series that get picked, and it's fun to hear other people talk about Star Trek and what they like and don't like.  The guests are varied and interesting and I've always thought "what would I say if I were a guest?".  It's also fun to listen to Scott repeatedly mix up Reed and Tucker.

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Vulcan Hello

Another Star Trek podcast hosted by Scott McNulty, this time with co-host Jason Snell.  They both have a very deep knowledge of trek, have great on air chemistry, and have an easy, low pressure perspective on the canon of trek.  They both can offer fair criticism of new Trek without being mean or petty (which is a good thing--especially for Picard).

The Delta Flyers

The real heavy hitter on this list.  Hosted by Garrett Wang and Robert Duncan-McNeill (yes, Harry Kim and Tom Paris).  Started as a fun project during COVID, they watch each episode of Voyager in order, give a story synopsis, comment on the guts of film making, and generally offer incredible views of Voyager, the cast & crew, and production.  RDM is a accomplished director and producer at this point in his career and I've learned lots of jargon from this podcast.  One big praise that I can laud on this podcast is the fact that its given me more of an appreciation for Voyager and its characters and the actors behind the characters.


  1. I didn't know about the Delta Flyers podcast, That's one I'll definitely check out.


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