TempusGameIt updates

At the end of last year during the holidays, I took some time to work on some features over at my personal side project TempusGameIt.com.

And those changes sat idle for quite a while deployed out to the development environment.  Over the past week, I buckled down and made sure things looked good, and pushed them live.  

Here's what's new! 

Game Source Updated

Originally I sourced all of the game information from GiantBomb, but I had been eyeing IGDB as a better source of information.  So I made the switch over to linking games to IGDB.  The box art is much more consistent both in presence and dimensions, so we're less likely to have a link return a 404, or to have square or misshapen box art.

Another big bonus is the fact that many titles include a link over to their Steam record if present.  This is a big win that I'll talk about in a sec.

In light of these changes, I updated the game card to include these links too.

Now with external links

Discord Detectable Integration

Discord exposes a JSON file containing a plethora of information that they use for their in game presence.  The most valuable for me is the process information for both windows and osx.  Currently in order to detect a game, users need to add the game to the TempusGameIt catalog, by pairing up the IGDB entry with a running executable.  We can short-circuit that now since we've got the executable from the discord presence and can connect it back to an IGDB entry via the steam ID.

So now hopefully games that you're interested in playing should be available somewhat automatically, via the power of cloud-sourcing 😆.

Steam Achievement Linking

Steam exposes player achievements via their Web API.  Since switching to IGDB, we now have the Steam ID of a game, which in turns means that we can pull a user's game information from Steam.  The only requirement is that the user has linked their Steam account to TempusGameIt.

This means that we can now link up achievements earned in a gaming session back to their TempusGameIt session.  The great part about this is that it generally applies to all Steam games that support achievements.  There's no custom code or hookup points like there is with the World of Warcraft or Everquest 2 achievement linking.

You can see this here now in New World

Warcraft Link Fixes

I finally fixed the achievement linking for World of Warcraft that broke when they re-did their API back in 2021 maybe?  This is back up and running again, and should happily detect new achievements and link them as you earn them in game.

What's next?

One of the big gaps for me is gaming on a non-Windows install and properly tracking that time.  Things like FFXIV on OSX are not detected, nor is LOTRO running through CrossOver on OSX.  I'm working on improving client support for this detection.  I know there isn't a huge segment of people playing in these environments, but the gap is there and I'd like to get it closed.

Also coming is a rework of the gallery support for screenshots, as well as a general Screenshots section on the sight, where you can view screenshots for users or game without having to dive into the respective items.

I try and keep the Trello board mostly up to date.  Feel free to check it out!


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