Enhanced logging in TempusGameIt

Version 1.9 is here  and with it comes a few changes to better help understand exactly what the heck is going on when you're running the app. New Look Options Screen The options screen has been updated to include both options and info.  Included now in the info is a more clear view of what version you're running, as well as the addition of the path to the log file on your machine. There's also a new option available--"Enable verbose logging".  By checking this option, you'll be able to see all of the finer grain logging that the system does.  This should be especially helpful when troubleshooting problems or seeing what folders are getting scanned and what executables are being checked for a match.  This option goes hand-in-hand with the log path, since that'll be the place that you will want to look when you want more information on what's happening. Hey look!  Lots of text! Ignored folders We've also hard-coded in a few folders in your Windows di

Add Game Enhancements to TempusGameIt

Happy New Year! I'm excited to announce the general release of game creation updates supporting the new way we track and match games. Last year we switched from a more rigid system of executable definitions to a more flexible system: This simplified view better accounts for the different ways that games are run and built across platforms (and even in the same platform--I'm looking at you Path of Exile with a different executable for steam versus non-steam). It also helps automatically importing process definitions from certain third parties, as it more closely matches how they are defined there. The backend and client have been using the new definition for a while now, so there's no major change in the file location or process monitoring.  But the client had lagged behind when adding new titles.  It had a UI that reflected the old structure, and we used the API to transform this data into the new structure. No more!  The UI has gotten a bit of an update to allow for multipl

Out for a bit

 Sorry for the lack of posts. We had some family bereavement than transitioned into an eye surgery, so I’ve been very AFK.  Got clearance to resume looking forward over the weekend, so hope to get back to gaming and coding a little bit. 

TempusGameIt: Auto-import is in dev

Did some hacking this week and finished building out auto-import of games into the TempusGameIt catalog.  ICYMI, the import works like this: Pull down the latest version of Discord's detectable's file, which contains game executables by platform (Windows, OSX, Linux), and the Steam ID Lookup games in TGI by the Steam ID to see if they have been imported. If we haven't imported them, hit the IGDB API to pull the game metadata by Steam ID.  This gets us the name, description, box art, platforms, and genres Store the IGDB metadata along with the executable information from Discord in the TGI catalog I set this process to run every 24 hours, and it imported close to 5000 titles.  Here's the run from last night, and it included a certain popular title, which made me excited to see the process in action. Starfield is here (even if I'm not in early access)! It's full of stars! This sudden explosion of games in the catalog has led to a much more interesting view on the

TempusGameIt updates

At the end of last year during the holidays, I took some time to work on some features over at my personal side project And those changes sat idle for quite a while deployed out to the development environment.  Over the past week, I buckled down and made sure things looked good, and pushed them live.   Here's what's new!  Game Source Updated Originally I sourced all of the game information from GiantBomb, but I had been eyeing IGDB as a better source of information.  So I made the switch over to linking games to IGDB.  The box art is much more consistent both in presence and dimensions, so we're less likely to have a link return a 404, or to have square or misshapen box art. Another big bonus is the fact that many titles include a link over to their Steam record if present.  This is a big win that I'll talk about in a sec. In light of these changes, I updated the game card to include these links too. Now with external links Discord Detectable Integrati

Last week in gaming updates

The weeks continue to be busy with work, school, and after-school activities, as is clearly evidenced by my gameplay. Elder Scrolls Online I spent most of my gaming time in the Elder Scrolls Online , and most of that was wandering around in High Isle's Galen zone with no real purpose other than exploring, doing zone events, and the odd side quest.  It was mindless fun that was an easy way to wrap up the go-go-go IRL day. Along the lines of Eveli re-appearing in Deadlands, ESO does a great job of having you cross paths with characters as the story progresses over the years.  This time I got to see my old buddy Razum-dar and we sussed out a pirate haven dressed in disguise. ESO--for the assorted "offness" of its art style/direction to me--always does an amazing job of setting up beautiful places. World of Warcraft In Azeroth, I spent most of my time replicating what I was doing in ESO--logging in and doing nothing in particular.  If I was around for the top of the hour, I&

Monday gaming brief

Been a busy week again at work with push on to hit some deadlines.  So gaming during the week wasn't too high on the priority list once things were said and done.  I played a lot of things this week on the weekdays, but they were in short bursts testing something for work, so it looks more interesting that it actually was. This weekend though my wife was a bit under the weather, and that ended up translating to some more gaming time.  Here's the breakdown from tempusgameit The Elder Scrolls Online The Zeal of Zenithar event served its purpose and got me to come back to the game and do more than just login for the daily reward.  I've got about half of the expansions halfway complete, and I decided that I'd work in a completely random order and picked Blackwood to finish. I had previously finished the Blackwood portion and left off somewhere in the Deadlands.  Turns out I was maybe halfway through this part of the story, and it was a fun, not too long ride to the end. I h