Monday gaming brief

Been a busy week again at work with push on to hit some deadlines.  So gaming during the week wasn't too high on the priority list once things were said and done.  I played a lot of things this week on the weekdays, but they were in short bursts testing something for work, so it looks more interesting that it actually was.

This weekend though my wife was a bit under the weather, and that ended up translating to some more gaming time.  Here's the breakdown from tempusgameit

The Elder Scrolls Online

The Zeal of Zenithar event served its purpose and got me to come back to the game and do more than just login for the daily reward.  I've got about half of the expansions halfway complete, and I decided that I'd work in a completely random order and picked Blackwood to finish.

I had previously finished the Blackwood portion and left off somewhere in the Deadlands.  Turns out I was maybe halfway through this part of the story, and it was a fun, not too long ride to the end.

I had forgotten how enjoyable I found the cast of characters that accompanied me along this ride.  It made me wish that some of the folks that you encounter and adventure with as you follow the story could also be companions.  For example, Eveli is fun and a bright spirit, and I'd love to have her along for the ride.

While Eveli is an old friend from Wrothgar, my favorite new character is clearly Arox the Mutilator, a fierce Daedra stuck in a daedrat body.  His enthusiasm for mayhem on your behalf is bar none.

The final fight against Mehrunes Dagon is pretty incredible and makes me appreciate how Zenimax has balanced out major beats in the story with making a fight fun but not hard.  The visuals were pretty incredible, especially when Mehrunes bent over to yell:

But after a fun time and multiple phases we vanquished him, and the Anchorite used the power of the Ambitions to banish him and we were victorious.

I seem to remember having a bit of a challenging time adjusting to the dramatic shift in setting from Blackwood to the Deadlands.  Having a bit of separation was nice though, and I found the stories set up in that plane of Oblivion interesting and fun to play through.

Up next, I'm going to finish up High Isle, as I'm pretty close to finishing the first half of the chapter!

World of Warcraft

Time was ticking on August, and I was seriously behind on the Trading Post for the month, so I figured I would dedicate a bit of time to try and catch up.  And it was TBC Timewalking last week, and I always love a good TW event (even if it means running Magisters Terrace).

Good riddance

It was fun to be back, after having taken nearly a month away.  The biggest challenge was convincing myself that I had bound Power Word:Shield to the "1" key and Prayer of Mending to the "2" key, but once I worked that out, I was all good.  Timewalking is such a low pressure, easy way to scratch that itch and heal some dungeons.

I also caught up on a bunch of Niffen quests and managed to see all of the different sniff sites and earned the achievement.  In addition, I finally did the 3 days of intro quests and unlocked the dragon daycare, although I don't know how much of that I'll do, given that as far as I could tell the rewards were pet battle goodies, of which I don't ever really play.

I had enough tenders to buy the Spirit of Competition, which I'm glad to have gotten.  I missed it when it was released the first time around.  I'm guessing that was when I had let me account lapse, and it was one of the things I wished I had from back in the day.  So, now checked that item off.

I'm just a few bits away from the Blood Troll transmogs, and that should be easy to get in the next couple days.

All in all, a low key, fun time back in Azeroth.  I don't know how long I'll stay, but it was nice to be back--even if it was just for a few days.


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