Why we containerize everything!

This blog is currently hosted over on blogger (and has been for 10+ years sporadic activity).  There's a few things that I'm not in love with.  The editor kinda sucks--I'd really love a simple markdown editor.  Also using a more custom theme seems to take away some of the basic layout bits and pieces.  Lastly in the spirit of owning your own content, I'm not super excited about all my content being hosted on google's services.

So I thought why not look to run Wordpress on my server in the basement (affectionally known as "edoras", since all the household computers have Middle-Earth names)?  20 years ago this same server hosted a drupal instance which I ended up retiring after a few troublesome apache updates.  So first step in getting Wordpress running was to make sure that my old mysql server instance was good to go.  It was not.  Apparently we're all on mariadb now (which is cool), but AppArmor was interfering with the mariadb systemctl service from starting.  I messed with it for 15 minutes or so before giving up.

I had to remind myself again, this is why I should run everything in a docker container.  So maybe I'll give it another go when I get a bit more free time.  It seems like running both wordpress and mariadb in a container would be an improved solution, and ideally I'll lump them into a compose file so they all spin up together and the networking between the two isn't as much a of PITA.  I should also be able to include some automated SSL certs too, which is nice.

But that is something for another day.  For now, I'll keep chugging along here, and we'll see how things go before I really invest in some infra.


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