King's Gondor Complete

For whatever reason, the mood came over me to play a bit of Lord of the Rings Online this week and I as able to wrap up chapter 1 of "The Song of Wind and Water" AKA King's Gondor.

It was an easy romp with a few pieces of gear upgraded here and there.  As a bonus, I always enjoy questing alongside of Gimli and Legolas and as a dwarf I feel like I fit right in.  There were a few folks who were happy to see me again which required a trip or two out to lotro-wiki, since it has been ages since I've done the Gondor content.

It was in good introduction to the new directions that we'll be heading in Middle-Earth, and while some of locales seemed very sparse with regards to quests, this is just the first part of a greater whole.  So I'll keep that in perspective before judging things too harshly.

Lugging around a bucket of oil from one of the beacons of Gondor

Then a barrel of rusty weapons to foil some wayward folks' plans

And finally I got to meet with some of the characters that I think we'll be seeing in this fall's expansion when we head to Umbar.

It makes sense now why they surprisingly added all the additional appearance options to human characters, since they needed to start account for a world where everyone doesn't look like they're from Scandinavia.  I'm excited to see what they do with the city, and am hopeful that we'll get to see some biomes completely different that what we've got so far.  Do I smell some seaside desert perhaps?


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