Rift weekend update

Late last week, I managed to get to Honored with the Torvan hunters, and picked up the next tier of cape.  I also stopped being cheap and spent around 20k in Infinity Stones, and added a few pieces of gear and upgraded them to help balance out some inconsistencies in what I'm wearing.

Over the weekend, I spent most of my time working on the first tier of hunt rifts, ran a daily raid rift with my awesome guild (Go go team Grievance), and knocked a few more zones off towards the Bane of the Bloodfire achievement.  

Riding around Ashora
Still working from a place of fear, I continued to do nothing with my raid healing spec.  Whenever I ended up in a zone event, I did a good job of keeping the group up and felt effective, until a chloro showed up, and completely kept the raid healed leaving me with nothing to do.  Today over lunch, I went ahead and watched Seatin's really good video on Warden healing, and it was much less overwhelming than Ahov's guide on the forum.

The next time I get a chance to play, I'm going to spec into Warden and make it happen.  The beauty of zone events is that no one bothers you if you're sub-par, since it is typically such a zerg fest.  I think too, that the need to switch to better raid frames may not be as urgent if I get a decent Warden build.  There's a lot less targeting of individuals while running a Warden, which seems to be the main sticking point I have with the default raid UI and Sentinel healing.

Rift is really getting its hooks deep into me, I'm having a great time, and keep looking forward to playing.  Last week, I got into the Archeage beta, and messed a bit with Wildstar, but I keep coming back to Rift.  I think I need to write up a summary of what I like in what Trion has done, and what makes it win out versus other titles.

Keep on gaming, and I'll see you in Telara!

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