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I can live without twitter

After all the nonsense that has gone down over the past months with our current presidential administration, I've come to release that my twitter feed had largely turned into a place for people to vent their frustration without taking any real action. So I just went ahead and removed it from my devices.  Life is that much more peaceful now, and I can control when I consume news, and hopefully receive it from reputable sources that aren't sensationalizing. And I stopped checking FaceBook months ago.  Social media really isn't that much of a thing for me.  I've found that if I'm interested in something, there's normally a place for it on Reddit.  Here's some of the subs that I like: If you've got lots of angst over what's happening in your social media feed, then by all means, stop checking.  It'll make a world of difference! Interested in tracking your PC game pla