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Rift musings

Summerfest is over, I'm at level cap and it will be a few months before Nightmare Tide.  I'm clearly a goal oriented achiever, so, a lot like Heather over at Pretty Little Sith , I had to set some goals to keep me interested. A random photo of Bruun I'd like to get into expert dungeons and raids, but I feel obligated to not have a hodge-podge of gear hitting the ground, especially since I'm a masochist and like healing.  I did a bit of research on the basics of gearing for a new 60, and identified a few spots that needed to improve.  I was fortunate to have hoarded a bunch of lockboxes while leveling, so I had a good start in some areas, but they didn't fill in all the gaps.  So, I tasked myself with replacing my cape and lesser essences. The best route for this was via the rewards from the Torvan hunters, and I needed about 10k rep to get honored, so that meant it was time to do some Hunt Rifts .   Someone was LFM in 60 chat for some Great Hunt IVs, so I j