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SWTOR: Welcome Back

On a whim, I pulled down The Old Republic last weekend, and to my surprise, I've been having a great time.  I tried SWTOR at launch (thanks to a generous gift from my bro), but it didn't stick.  The expectations were too high--could it wrap in dialogue in a meaningful way, could it tell a story and still be an open and expansive universe?  Would it be the next big AAA title? Blue Lightsaber, Big City It fell flat against all those criteria, and I dropped it.  Now, a year and a half later, I'm back in and having a great time.  I actually saw the movies when they first came out (the first and best three), so I have Star Wars in my DNA.  What is cooler than wielding a light-saber, and whacking away at Imperials? What's the difference with me this time around?  I think that I've convinced myself that The Old Republic  is best view as Knights of the Old Republic 3 .  There's you, doing your thing world to world, righting wrongs, and generally being Jedi-two-